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Though I grew up in St. Louis, MO, I came to Israel four years ago looking for a new adventure and have been living here ever since. I work as a project manager for a nonprofit company in Tel Aviv, but in my free time I enjoy singing in choir, working out, laying on the beautiful Mediterranean beaches, baking gluten-free cookies, brewing kombucha, and eating at some of the best restaurants in the world. 
I graduated from Missouri State University in 2016 with an undergraduate degree in Communications and two minors in Dance Performance and Religious Studies. From 2018-2019 I studied Aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies at Reidman College in Tel Aviv and I am now a graduate student at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem where I study Nutrition. Nutrition is what I am truly passionate about and I hope to one day help others heal through food and lifestyle changes.
During the last several years I have become especially interested in the connection between diet and disease, natural treatments and cures, the mind-body connection, and holistic health which doesn't just diagnose an illness, but rather looks at the person as a whole. What's their diet like? What is their history of antibiotic use? Do they have vitamin or mineral deficiencies? Have they ever been exposed to mold or heavy metals? How much sleep do they get? Only by getting to the root of the illness and identifying the underlying cause, can you truly treat and heal an illness. 
I have seen the power of using food as medicine and have witnessed healing through holistic and natural approaches. My sister, who was diagnosed with
"incurable" Crohn's disease, no longer exhibits symptoms of ever having the disease and is off all prescription medication that the doctors said she would need forever.
I have also struggled with health issues and finally turned to functional and alternative medicine when none of the traditional approaches worked. I believe these medical issues are directly related to the high amounts of antibiotics I took as a child, environmental toxins and pollutants, and the fact that I was raised on a standard American diet. 
Some of the diagnoses I've received over the years include Acid Reflux (GERD), SIBO, IBS, and Candida. I have tried several alternative treatments, some of which have worked and some which have not. Everything is trial and error, but it's definitely worth it when you find the diet and treatment that works for your body.
I have had success to some degree with acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, CBD oil, Chinese herbs, chiropractic adjustments, essential oils, vitamin infusions, and different diets (FODMAPS, low glycemic index, paleo, GAPS, and SCD). ​ 
As far as diet goes, I have found that I feel best on a mostly paleo diet with some grains such as quinoa and buckwheat, and occasional kefir and yogurt from raw goats milk. Most of my hormonal and IBS symptoms greatly improved once I cut out processed dairy, gluten, and refined sugar from my diet and added fermented foods, hormone-free meat, sprouted grains, and healthy fats. It's amazing what can happen when you eat REAL FOOD.
If there's one thing I've learned, it's that you shouldn't blindly trust the advice of your physician. If I had listened to all of the advice from my doctors I would be on several prescription drugs and living with the list of negative side effects.
I have also come to understand that diet is not the only factor involved in healing. The mental and spiritual aspects are just as important. This is an area I am still working on, but the more I read and learn, the more I understand the importance of stress reduction, mindfulness, both physical
and mental rest, positive body image, and loving yourself unconditionally. 
I have been on this journey for long time and though sometimes it's hard not to get discouraged, I know how amazing the body is and wholeheartedly believe in its ability to heal. It just needs the resources to do so. 
If you have any questions about the treatments I have tried or suffer from similar medical issues and want advice, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help! 

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