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I am obsessed with love and happiness. I’ve always been an observer. I loved to listen to the conversations of my grandparents, to watch people hug goodbye in airports, to wonder why someone threw their cigarette butt on the floor, and to ask myself what my purpose was in all of this craziness that is our world. Throughout my journey that is life, I have only been able to begin to answer some of these questions for myself. Throughout my life I have spent time asking, learning, trying, failing, and beginning again. I am humbled to get the opportunity to learn from those around me every single day and want to be able to spread that knowledge for even more people to access.

When I was 12 years old (10 years ago), I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Much of my childhood and teenage years were spent going to doctors offices, trying new restrictive diets, in and out of hospitals, and trying to hold onto hope. Throughout many ups and downs, I have finally found healing. I have learned that one size does not fit all. I have learned that when people say “I know how to heal you,” they probably don’t. And I have learned that much of what I thought was true about health, diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, was actually not quite so simple. 

As I began to experiment with crazy new diets that others promised would bring me healing, I found that my passion of cooking and baking was changing. I could not eat the foods I used to eat and I could not make my favorite recipes. Creating delicious food that nourishes our bodies, brings people together, and leaves people curious for more is what I loved about being in the kitchen. I have learned how to take my favorite recipes and edit them to fit almost any diet. My love of cooking, baking, and creating was a passion that I thought I might lose, but I ultimately found myself being even more intrigued in the power of food.

Food brings people happiness. People bring people happiness. The earth brings people happiness. Throughout my time at University I began to explore how I could combine all of these things that I held so close to my heart. I found my heart in helping people in the field of Social Work. I graduated in December of 2019 with my bachelor’s degree, an understanding of people interacting with people, but an empty space where I wondered how people were interacting with the environment and natural world around them. With that, I ran off to a farm in Israel for 5 months where I would escape from most of society and figure out what role planet earth played in all of this.

On the farm I saw how everything connects. The people in this world cannot be happy unless the planet they are on is happy as well. Our earth has so much to offer to us and if we just open our eyes and look, we can see how much we actually have in common with the natural cycles of the planet. These were all things I learned while completing my certification in permaculture design, studying herbal medicine, and living in a small community environment.

As of August, 2019, I am back from Israel and ready to explore all that the states has to offer. I am going to be visiting farms, ecological communities, and spiritual centers around the country for 7 months to see what more there is to learn. Throughout this part of my life, I am excited to have an outlet with my sister and best friend, where we can share all that we have learned through our differing life experiences. 

The most exciting thing to me about The Healing Goat, is that I get to work with my sister constantly. While we share our love for each other, have similar values and beliefs about the world, our differences is what makes our relationship strong. We follow different diets, we have had different physical health struggles, we have had different mental health struggles, and we have found different ways of coping that work best for each of us. I know that we do not know everything there is to know in any of these fields, but I believe that our ability to listen, hear, ask, and try is what makes what we are doing special.

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