Articles for a Healthy Mind, Body, and World

Articles for a Healthy Body, Mind and World

What happens to our bodies when we enter starvation mode? The Minnesota Starvation Experiment gives us a unique insight into the effects on our bodies and minds when food becomes both a rarity and an obsession.


Learn about the most up to date, natural nutrition topics such as different diet protocols, nutrient dense foods, and how to eat for optimal health 

Natural Cures

Discover natural herbs and tips to help you heal naturally. Some might sound strange, but there are natural cures for almost any disease or illness 

Vitamins & Supplements

Natural herbs, vitamins, and supplements, can make a huge different in how the body fights disease and builds its immune system


We only have one Earth and it's critical that we learn how to work with Mother Nature and use its resources in a responsible way

Physical Health

Everyone wants optimal physical health, but sometimes it's hard figuring out how to get there. Learn the best ways to work out and stay fit

Mental Health

What does it mean to be happy? How does nutrition play a role in how you feel? And how can meditation and mindfulness help you live a better life?

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