Ozone Therapy

Updated: Jan 23

Ozone therapy is a type of alternative medicine used to treat diseases often caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeast, and protozoa in the body. It is administered in a variety of ways depending on the disease or illness, and works to boost the body’s immune system by increasing white blood cells and helping the body to better intake and use oxygen. The type of ozone therapy I get is called autohemotherapy and I will explain a little more about this later.

The benefits and medical uses of ozone have been studied for over 150 years and was even used in World War I to disinfect wounds and stimulate blood flow. Ozone therapy is commonplace in Germany and other countries and has recently gained popularity in the United States and around the world. It is used to treat HIV, circulatory disorders, arthritis, heart arrhythmia, autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases, and more.

What is ozone?

Ozone is a molecule made of three oxygen atoms. Though the gas is colorless, it is toxic when inhaled and must be handled properly by trained medical personnel when used as a medical treatment. When most people hear ozone, they think of the ozone layer, a layer in Earth’s stratosphere that protects the Earth by absorbing ultraviolet radiation from the sun. However, the ozone used for medical treatments is different than ozone in the ozone layer. The ozone therapy gas is made from medical-grade oxygen sources.

Ozone is such a powerful detoxificant that most European and several American cities and businesses purify their water by bubbling ozone through it to kill all the bacteria and viruses. Many bottled water also goes through an ozone purification system.

How it works

While normal, healthy cells love oxygen, cells of disease causing viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites cannot live in high levels of oxygen. When HIV viruses, cancer cells, colds and flu viruses, and other bacteria and fungi are surrounded by oxygen for a long period of time, the disease-causing pathogens die or at least decrease in number.

There are several ways ozone can be administered depending on the condition: insufflation, bath or sauna, injections, ozonated water, ozonated olive oil for external use, and autohemotherapy. Because I do ozone for the autoimmune disease, Hashimotos, and lyme disease, I use autohemotherapy. During this type of therapy, blood is taken out, ozonated, and put back into the bloodstream. The newly ozonated blood carries oxygen to all areas of the body, killing pathogens and helping all body systems to function optimally.

Common ozone uses

Dentistry. Ozone is antibacterial which is why dentists use it during root canals and other bacteria causing dental issues. The gas can be applied to teeth to prevent decay and neutralize acidic waste, the primary cause of cavities. This minimally invasive treatment not only kills bacteria, but helps decaying teeth to remineralize, preventing decay from returning.

Knee and back pain. Ozone can be injected into joints and used to target site specific pain caused by herniated disks, failed spinal surgery, arthritis, and degenerative joint disease. It can also be used for inflammatory pain in other joints such as the hips and shoulders.

Autoimmune Disorders. Autoimmune disorders are caused when the body’s immune system is activated and attacks its own cells. By adding ozone to blood circulation, the immune system becomes stimulated and releases proteins and hormones that rebalance the immune response. Ozone can calm an activated immune system and also stimulate an immune system that is stressed from infections and illness.

Virus Infections. From HIV and herpes to Lyme disease to Lupus, ozone can help reduce symptoms of these diseases by attacking the disease causing pathogens and strengthening the immune system and mitochondrial function.

Bacterial Infections. Harmful bacteria not only causes infections such as strep throat and ear infections, but can also be a contributing factor to more serious illnesses such as leaky gut, SIBO, and even Crohn's diseases. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics which cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria in the body, ozone kills the harmful bacteria and helps the body fight off bacteria in the future.

Incorporating ozone into your daily life

Ozone is not just for those suffering from chronic illnesses; several people use ozone for preventative purposes as well. If you want to get the benefits of ozone you can easily start reaping the benefits by ozonating your water at home. Ozone water systems are fairly inexpensive and are sold online for less than $100.

You can also purchase ozonated olive oil and use on the skin to help improve circulation, reduce redness and irritated skin, moisturize and nourish the skin, reduce eczema and acne, and speed up the healing of scars.

Final Thoughts

Though it took a few weeks for me to notice any change in my symptoms, I have definitely noticed an increase in energy with the ozone treatments. I think it has also helped with some of my gastrointestinal symptoms I have as well such as bloating. If anything, I am confident that the treatments are boosting my immune system and killing the pathogens that enter our bodies every day.

If steroid injections aren’t reducing your pain or you suffer from chronic illness or infections caused by a virus or bacteria, you may as well ask your dentist or physician about ozone. Ozone treatment is minimally invasive, safe for most people, and rarely comes with the negative side effects of other medications and treatments.

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