Doodles by Miriam

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~ Inspirations on life, love, and growth ~

5.5” x 8.5” prints

"It's Okay"
"Just Peachy"
"Good Things Take Time"
"Say Yes to Rest and Play"
"Light Eachother Up"
"I Will Learn"
"I See the Sun"
"Why Not?"
"Get Back Up"
"You Are Enough"
"I Am Not Lazy"
"Tree Hugger"
"Be Yourself"
"Feeling Wanted"
"What Size Matters?"
"Do What You Love"
"Love What You Love"
"Give and Take"
"Learn To Be Whole"
"Feel Things Deeply"
"I am Grounded"
"Take Chances With Your Heart"
"I Want to Love You"
"You Will Grow"
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